Biotin 10 000 (500ml)
瑞典 生物营养素饮


BIOTIN 10 000 Swedish Nutra’s Biotin is a great-tasting orange flavoured liquid
supplement to keep your hair healthy, your skin clear and your
nails strong.
Biotin, or vitamin B7, is a water-soluble enzyme naturally produced in
the body and is famous for its beneficial effect on hair, skin and nails. The
liquid formula designed by Swedish Nutra makes it highly absorbable,
guaranteeing that your body gets all the benefits of this powerful
supplement. Furthermore, Biotin is crucial for upholding an effective
energy-yielding and macronutrient metabolism, as well as necessary for
maintaining your nervous system and psychological functions.
Our Biotin 500 ml provides a 33 day supply of a powerful formula that
covers a daily intake of 15 ml.
Swedish Nutra’s products are laboratory tested and backed up by evidence
in nutritional science. All ingredients are hand-picked and in line with
EU standards, guaranteeing a powerful and evidence-based product. Our
Biotin supplement is carefully designed to support:
• Hair quality
• Skin health
• Strong nails
• Energy-yielding metabolism
• Macronutrient metabolism
• Nervous system
• Psychological functions

Ingredients: Multi-filtered water, vitamin C, flavor (natural orange),
acidity regulator (citric acid), freshness preserver (potassium sorbate,
sodium benzoate), biotin, sweetener (steviol glycosides, sucrose), Natural
color (beta carotene). 100% Natural Flavour and Colour.
Non-GMO and free from sugar, wheat, gluten, soya, egg, nuts and milk.
The ingredients of the latest produced version may vary slightly from what
is listed in the catalog.