About us

CMC Tasly Group B.V., formerly known as Chinese Medical Center, was  founded by Mr.Dong in 1986. It is one of the world's largest Chinese medicine groups outside of China, which integrating medical treatment, education and Chinese medicine products trade.

CMC Tasly Group B.V. is selling about 1,000 various products, including about 800 kinds of Chinese patent medicines and Chinese dried herbs, and about 200 kinds of acupuncture products, 96 kinds of Chinese patent medicine tablets, 51 kinds of pills, 84 kinds of compound granules, and 200 kinds of single granules. 14 kinds of oral liquid, 7 kinds of granules, 25 kinds of external use, 16 kinds of other patent medicines and 317 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine pieces, 30 kinds of acupuncture needles and 174 kinds of other acupuncture appliances. Danshen capsule was successfully registered as a traditional medicine in the EU in 2016.

CMC Tasly Group B.V. exclusively owns more than 200 products with 15-year EU traditional application evidence (import documents and sales receipts are necessary materials for applying for 15-year EU traditional medicine registration). There are 42 kinds of proprietary Chinese medicine product names that are registered as trademarks in the European Union Intellectual Property Office, and no one can use them without authorization.

神州天士力医药集团(CMC Tasly Group B.V.),原名神州医药中心,由董志林先生创立于1986年。是中国以外全球最大的一个集医疗、教学和中医药产品贸易于一体的中医药集团。

神州天士力医药集团在售商品约1000种,其中中成药和中药饮片约有800种,针灸用品约200种, 中成药片剂96种,丸剂51种,复方颗粒剂84种,单方颗粒剂200种,口服液14种,冲剂类7种,外用类25种,其它成药16种和中药饮片317种,针灸针30种规格以及其它针灸用具174种。丹参胶囊于2016年在欧盟成功注册为传统药品。